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Culture and Language Workshops for Business

“Russia Ready” Business Language and Culture Workshop

If you are already trading in Russia, the CIS, the Baltics or Central Asia, or if you are still at the preparation stage, this highly acclaimed one-day basic language and culture workshop is just what you need! It is an essential part of your due diligence, giving you the competitive advantage in these exciting markets.

Whichever country you are exploring, if Russian is spoken there, mastering a little basic language remains critical to your competitive success. The business cultures of the region are very different from each other, so the cultural business training will be prepared and delivered especially for your target market.

Of course, if you really don’t want the language element, you can skip that and concentrate on the business culture. The programme below shows a workshop with an ideal mix of language and culture, but you might already have a Russian-speaking colleague so you decide what you need!

What will you learn in a language and business culture workshop?

In one day of expert tuition you will gain new Russian language skills and a sound understanding of the local business culture, leaving you confident to remember and use what you have learned when communicating with customers and business partners.

Programme for the day includes:

  • Language

You will learn to say and recognise around 20 phrases, including some essential ice-breakers for getting to know people, and you will learn numbers, times, days of the week, and phrases for telephone conversations and social interaction.

  • Alphabet

You will learn to read the whole of the Russian alphabet by a pain-free memorable method. This is just what you need to find your way around, use the metro and read business cards.

  • Business culture

You will learn about the benefits of understanding the business culture to exporting, marketing and client relations. You will explore the cultural attitudes and behaviours of your chosen market, business etiquette and relationships. You will also learn how names work, examine differences in expectations about time, dress, body language, meeting etiquette, negotiation, motivation and presentation styles. You will discuss the thorny question of business ethics, bureaucracy and corruption and will go away equipped to avoid cultural gaffes, create a good impression and build and maintain good relationships based on sound communication.

If this sounds ambitious for one day, don’t worry! Having taught Russian for over 20 years in schools, universities, SMEs and corporate organisations, and having published three beginners’ Russian language-learning courses, I know how to make the language part of this happen without your brain exploding! Even if you don’t speak any other languages, this will work! And with my long experience of the business culture of the Russian-speaking markets, I can help you with practical tips, troubleshooting solutions and invaluable preparation, saving you time and money. You will find these workshops lively, practical and interactive with excellent results.

The programme is designed to break up your learning into bite-sized chunks of language and culture with lots of repetition of language points so that you will go away amazed by how much you can remember. For more information contact us.

See testimonials for feedback on these amazingly productive workshops.

Of course, after benefiting from one of our effective workshops, you may want to use our services for other things like more language services, including training or translation with marketing support, or accompanied visits to your target market.