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Russian Language Services

Our Russian language services fall into two main areas: language training and translation with built-in marketing support.

Why bother?

Why bother with language services? Doesn’t everyone speak English these days? Well no, at least not in Russian-speaking countries, unless you are dealing with, say, a multi-national company in Moscow, whose chosen business language may be English.

The benefits of speaking some Russian

So what are the benefits of being able to speak a little Russian?

Being able to speak a little Russian will create the right impression about you, your interest in your target market and your willingness to put effort into the relationship. Nobody will expect you to be fluent but a few words will go a long way to breaking the ice.

Being able to understand some Russian will help you to work out what is going on when you are in a meeting and the conversation is in Russian. Your interpreter will not necessarily pick up all the asides that are made, and your vigilance may help you to put together a better picture of what is happening.

Being able to read the Russian alphabet will help you to read people’s names on business cards, and make out signage, street names and metro stations.

Russian Language Training

I began my career as a Russian language teacher, delivering classes in schools,  then moving on to colleges, night classes, prisons, universities and businesses, both SMEs and large corporates. This has always remained one of my key passions.

Why do I love it so much? The Russian language is…

  • Beautiful to listen to
  • Logical, at least to start with!
  • WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get in terms of spelling, unlike English!
  • Expressive about subtle concepts which don’t even exist in other languages
  • Packed with passion and extremes of emotion
  • Witty, clever and ironic
  • Inscrutable to read until you know the alphabet, but this is a doddle if you concentrate for just an hour or so with my easy to learn code-breaking method
  • Not easy for an English speaker, but this makes Russian speakers all the more appreciative of your efforts!
  • And of course, if you love literature, like I do, just think of all the books there are to read! They

Whether you need to learn just a few phrases to break the ice or want to be able to understand and contribute to meetings in Russian, we have the skills and resources to design exactly the training you need and encourage you along the road to success.

As a part of any of our training options, we will include advice on how to work effectively with an interpreter, which is quite a skill in itself.

Language learning can be in the form of:

  • A quick-hit one-day language workshop, giving you the skills to read the alphabet and say and understand 20 or so key phrases, plus numbers, times, dates etc. For a sample programme, click here.
  • A regular language learning session over a longer period, either face to face or by skype. This will be built around your objectives, with regular monitoring of your progress.
  • Guided learning as a “teach yourself” exercise at your own pace, with additional support and occasional face to face sessions as required.

Remember that  “little and often” is best with language learning. Another piece of advice is “use it or lose it” so you will need to put some effort into gaining and maintaining your language skills. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it will be worth it and will open a two-way window into your target market. For more information, contact us with your requirements.

The benefits of having your marketing materials in Russian

Our second language service is translation, with built-in marketing support if required. So what are the benefits of having your marketing materials in culturally sensitive Russian?

International businesses and organisations are agreed that it isn’t just a matter of translating your marketing materials and presentations word for word from English into Russian. What you need is a translator who understands the mindset of the target market and who will remain faithful to your original, whilst at the same time putting your message into a form that will have the desired effect.

We can help you with this type of translation. For more information, contact us with your requirements.